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How Interesting Data Sources Become the Driver of Business Intelligence

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Recently I’ve came across stunning visualisations involving data from aftermath analysis of Sandy storm. Noticeably, while the Sandy blackouts data is not sufficiently appealing in its raw form, interactive visualisation would be more than helpful for assessing damages made and recovery campaign effectiveness.

NY Times Power Out Illustration
&copy 2012 The New York Times Company

Speaking back on business intelligence and its ubiquitous meaning across any company or enterprise, everyone would agree how clear and transparent visualization can become an inspiring source towards certain goal or important business decision.

For example, if the data source directly shows productive output of certain participant, this may become a driver in turning this person into BI evangelist in organization. Such team players are very important (not to say – crucially important) as they will be the main force for BI adoption. By spreading their motivation, the evangelists will provide training to our team players, infecting them with further motivation for using cross tabular reports and pivot tables to analyse their day-to-day activities. The interesting thing is that same scenario can happen on any executive or chief executive level.

Now for the drawbacks. It would be always the change resistance to implement such web reporting instruments as self-service pivot tables or cross tabular reporting based on them and using complex OLAP cubes data. Even if the data itself may seem to be very attracting and motivating, it’s solely up to BI analysts to implement and convey it properly to end users.