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Case study: Gmail-like Comindwork Project Management Tool Adopts Flexmonster for Self-Service BI Analytics

PLEASE NOTE: Since we update Flexmonster Pivot with new features biweekly, the information might become outdated. Please check our latest news.

ComindworkNo doubts project management information and metrics are presently one of the most important assets of the company equaling to traditional assets such as technology or money. Being accumulated throughout the project life-cycle it frequently becomes an important part of decision support system (DSS) and the primary source for business discovery.

Comindwork, being a cloud service, uses primary KPIs, such as team performance, financial info, and organization facts (for example, number of tickets or comments by users). Flexmonster Pivot Table allows managers to slice this information in a convenient way and save their own reports in this self-service BI solution of Comindwork. This has made Comindwork Reports to become a one-shot decision support system for monitoring, filtering and trend analysis (threats and opportunities) that any project manager is dreaming about.

The data mined facts such as comments by users also gives a social analytics insights of certain project. If project has numerous team it makes easy and fun to locate the trends of users activity and involvement.

Saying a project manager opens up his Comindwork Reports on certain project. His project is a typical T&M (time and materials), so he reports and bills his client on a monthly basis, providing also amount of hours involved in tasks. The manager opens up a summary report where he needs to check whether there’s any task that has exceeded agreed 10 hours maximum per task. His report shows a slice of Tasks vs. Time Period, which can be further drilled down into years, months and days. The configured conditions formatting immediately highlights some tasks where SLA hours were exceeded, which means manager may offer his customer to revise such tasks or further break them down into smaller ones for better manageability.

The reports helped project manager to find an opportunity and take the right decision in time, which might not be found without advanced pivot tables.

The examples are numerous. While former reporting tools were so much limited in their application, pivot reports allow clear insights on day-to-day decisions on all aspects of the project lifecycle or important business discoveries such as financial or infrastructure ones.

Does your self-service BI offer the same? Try out Flexmonster Pivot Table to learn how daily reporting can be effective, just at your fingertips.