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Crosstab Reporting Made Easy with Pivot Table

PLEASE NOTE: Since we update Flexmonster Pivot with new features biweekly, the information might become outdated. Please check our latest news.

Historically if you have list of data or report to analyse, you start with an Excel sheet and simple tabular report, where columns represent data fields and rows contain actual data values. As the data volume grows, you’d need more data consolidated way of representation. To make your report bring more value, you would prefer to place one of the data variable against the other. E.g. if you have list of sales containing sales rep column, year and month, you might consider building a report where you would see it summarized by year against each of the sales reps.

Classic table report

Simple tabular report as seen on Google Spreadsheets

The way of organizing raw data in this way is known as crosstab report as one of the fields is tabulated against the other. If the original data is updated on the fly, the dynamic crosstab report can be made.

Crosstab report in Flexmonster Pivot

Same report loaded in Flexmonster Pivot Table

This type of multidimensional report is the most simple one that can be achieved in Flexmonster Pivot Table component. The raw data can be imported into Pivot Table as CSV (comma-separated values) and a dynamic cross tabular report is created on the fly by simply dragging the available fields to rows or columns. The data from databases can also be dynamically provided to Pivot Table by generating a CSV in a complete dynamic fashion.

Once the data is loaded into Pivot Table, you can navigate the report into totally different data perspectives. Just call up the layout editor and rearrange the columns and rows in the same drag-and-drop fashion. You can always save any of the perspectives by saving report locally or exporting it into PDF, image or static Excel sheet. Try it yourself in our Demo Gallery and share your thoughts to us as well!