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An Easy Start with Flexmonster Pivot

PLEASE NOTE: Since we update Flexmonster Pivot with new features biweekly, the information might become outdated. Please check our latest news.

Whether you are doing a garage startup with a friend of yours or represent a solid enterprise, there is always a question how to start with using a component such as Flexmonster Pivot for your business discovery apps. As a number of plans and options for editions fall into the focus of your intention, still a question arises – where should I start?

Flexmonster Pivot is a perfect starting point for any kind of a company size from 2 and up to 1000+ users. Just answer 3 simple questions for yourself to choose a right edition which you need in your particular project:

  • How much data would I use? It’s easy to calculate this. Since your common data source is CSV, look at the size of your CSV and select the edition that falls into the volume range your data would use. The good thing is that the data volume limitation is NOT applied for OLAP data sources. Should you need just to try out the app for users – just download the Free edition and that’s it! You can always upgrade to larger volume versions such as Professional or Enterprise even without the need to redevelop your integration.
  • What features do I really require? The configuration of Pivot can make it an easy add-on to your dashboard or a fully-featured complex analysis tool (including export report to PDF, report printing or localization). Even a starting packages like Free or Standard edition can leverage your analysis dashboard panel with killer reports already.
  • How many users are there that will use my tools? Any Flexmonster Pivot Edition lets unlimited users to use pivot report in your apps. However, an OEM edition is required if you are a SaaS or ISV vendor who resell their apps on a marketplace.

Flexmonster makes business discovery reports and analytics reports affordable to everyone – good for start-ups with minimal costs involvement and tech teams of large enterprises to evaluate software fully before purchase.

Have questions? Still, unsure which edition to start with? Contact our team and we would gladly clarify everything!