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Why Online OLAP Reporting Tools Are Better Than Excel?

PLEASE NOTE: Since we update Flexmonster Pivot with new features biweekly, the information might become outdated. Please check our latest news.

A common day in financial department of Company X starts with Derp getting her Excel launched. She connects to company OLAP server to load revenue information over last quarter for her annual report. At noon Derp needs to submit her financial report to the sales VP. Usually she mails one Excel file per each report type, like revenue by day or sliced by revenue source. Finally, she ends up in dozens of such reports, messing all the filenames and trying to figure out which report was already generated. The sales VP gets frustrated while roaming through number of Excel files he can’t figure out and calls Derp into the office for an assistance.

Both Derp and VP are aware that something needs to be changed and soon start discussing it on a monthly meeting. Derp just read an article on online tools for business analysis and suggests VP and sales staff to start a pilot project of publishing all OLAP analytical reports online on intranet, rather than tossing around Excel files. Another month later, at the same meeting they celebrate and all are happy to do their job – Derp keeps her eye on getting new data reported properly on company intranet, while VP is just hitting refresh in his browser to get fresh data reloaded instantly. The sale boosts as everybody in the team started to get more insights of how their sales process can be optimized.

Sounds like happy end story, huh? With online reporting tools, such as Flexmonster Pivot, the company reporting communication can be boosted to higher levels of visibility and awareness. What’s more, it will make people to have fun while doing their common duty. Big data? No problem as online reporting tools as Flexmonster Pivot can load really large sets without any crashes of browser.

Start building your happy end story of online OLAP analytics today. Get connected to your company OLAP server using our on-site demo and let us know where this will bring you. Stop getting dragged you down with burden of Excel sheets, a new online OLAP analytics era is already here!