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In Memory Databases and Making OLAP Reports Load Faster Than Ever

PLEASE NOTE: Since we update Flexmonster Pivot with new features biweekly, the information might become outdated. Please check our latest news.

When dealing with BI reports, one understands how speed is important to get real big data rendered in an acceptable time. Having all the information and trends visible in a fast and robust way would help decision-makers to proceed with convenience and reduce their stress in the decision-making process. Conversely, slow reports that prompt user to click pager every time to locate the proper value in their OLAP grids are terribly frustrating.

The BI tools developers try to tackle this issue with balancing between client-side and server-side load, to achieve best load time and performance. Sometimes they use an “in-memory” approach, borrowed from databases. According to this approach, some part of the OLAP functionality is relying on machine’s main memory or even client-side storage, which gives out ability to give out data faster, and, therefore, render reports within few seconds.

We, at Flexmonster, use the in memory concept to build our own effective technology for handling big data. The technology allows end-user to load raw data for analysis in the form of CSV, without any necessity to install OLAP server, BI solution or hire any integrators or consultants. Upon loading raw data, which can be fetched from CSV file, database or any external datasource, our Flexmonster Pivot creates In-Memory Cube model. The In-Memory Cube then serves as datasource for all operations inside Pivot like setting up report layout, switching between modes, sorting, filtering or applying conditional formatting.

The In-Memory Cube technology allows Flexmonster Pivot to render OLAP data, and data from Big Data sources in a fast and user-friendly way, without any necessity to reload, request data again from server or waiting while the next page loads.

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