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Many BI Reporting Needs – One Solution?

PLEASE NOTE: Since we update Flexmonster Pivot with new features biweekly, the information might become outdated. Please check our latest news.

The reporting needs are always different – one needs just a plain view of table with rows and columns, other a bunch of luminous and colorful charts, full of insights. Does all of them require just one component? The answer is YES.

Flexmonster Pivot Table is not just a pivot table on its own, but rather a “swiss knife” that is capable to cater multiple reporting needs. Desperate for ultra interactivity? Need just one page of simple and neat table? Want to add some integration? Go for it as Flexmonster offers its customizability to fulfill 99% of common reporting configurations.

All of this is currently available in our extended Flexmonster Live Demo.

The core of Flexmonster component is a datagrid table itself, which can turn into olap chart view depending on mode setup. Being inserted into web page or Flex application, it can become interactive if linked to toolbar buttons or any other UI controls via API. Whether you want to reload the BI data from the source or switch the language, you can do it all with API!

The configuration itself can be changed via set of XML files. More tech savvy developers are welcome to dig into configuration API and boast with changing the configuration practically on the fly. Loading OLAP data, preset layout, multiple tables and charts on one page – your users even won’t notice it can be all done with a single OLAP reporting component.

Finally, the look-and-feel can be fully customized with surrounding Flex application layout or a web page HTML code where the core Flexmonster component is inserted. Whether in pivot table or in pivot charts mode, Flexmonster can perfectly fit into both standalone reports as well as multidimensional OLAP dashboards. At the same time all of the styles can be adjusted with the help of CSS, which makes it easy to match corporate styles.