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Case study: Doxee S.p.A. Powers Business Communication Reporting with Flexmonster Pivot Component

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Company Profile
Name: Doxee S.p.A. (former eBilling S.p.A.)
Region: Italy
Revenue: N/A
Industry: Telecommunications
Function: Business Communication, IT and Operations

A major challenge for Doxee was instant visualization of more than 20 millions of records that
were processed inside Mondrian OLAP. The XMLA protocol, which is used by Mondrian is hugely redundant when only the most necessary structure is required. It contains not only the actual rows of data, but also the response metadata, dimension members list as well as the attributes which may not be used at all. This also causes a high load on both OLAP server and the network bandwidth.

Developers of Doxee were struggling to provide fast and reliable self-service BI reporting tool to browse through OLAP data in real-time mode. The loading time expectations dictated that some more compact and faster way to pass the OLAP reporting data should be researched.

Flexmonster team was tasked to develop much faster protocol than XMLA, which was considered extremely slow and unfit to meet end user expectations. After initial analysis, the AMF protocol was chosen to work with BlazeDS backend. In comparison with overcomplicated XMLA, the AMF is a binary protocol, which proved to be much more compact. The first tests has proved the over 1Gb payload of XMLA can be just some 30-40 megs with AMF, while containing million of rows.

The Enterprise Advanced Edition was offered for initial deployment along with
implementation of AMF for fastest data load from Mondrian platform. An AMF protocol was introduced
for usage instead of XMLA and was implemented within the provided component integration.
The result has shown average report to load within 0.5-3 secs timeframe for report

In a period of just four years, over 140 medium and large companies have made use of the
technological services and skills of Doxee S.p.A. to manage their document flows.

Doxee Workflow

More specifically, market leaders in the telecommunications, multi-utilities and bank operator sectors
are using Doxee S.p.A. consulting and outsourcing services to plan, personalise and deliver
documents addressed to their clients. Close cooperation with these companies has enabled
Doxee S.p.A. to strengthen its know-how and data assets. Telecom Italia, WIND and Fastweb
are just a few of Doxee customers.

Flexmonster Pivot helped us conveying regular insights into the business data reports our customers see. Its exclusive speed and usability is a new milestone for BI reporting tools.

Mario Longo, Doxee


  • Enhanced usability efficiency of internal Doxee tools
  • Increased visibility of complex OLAP data
  • Reduced response time on key decisions for Doxee customers
  • Overall increase of customers satisfaction through better delivery of next generation analytical tools