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Summer’12 v1.6. Released! The Highlights and Changes from Team

PLEASE NOTE: Since we update Flexmonster Pivot with new features biweekly, the information might become outdated. Please check our latest news.

Flexmonster team is proud to tell about the release of version 1.6 (Summer’12) of the Pivot Table. Please see general changes in the new version:

4X Faster OLAP Datagrid Improved Javascript and Flex API
  • Component initialization is 4X faster comparing to 1.5;
  • Optimized Javascript API and Flex API (see updated documentation!)
  • Updated Demo Gallery on website with Javascript and Flex API samples, (including sources!)
  • Brand new Downloadable Packages with much more showcases included – both Javascript and Flex – TRY NOW.
  • Specially for API lovers – new API calls:
    • cancelAction() – cancel report loading. Easy to apply to external buttons or event handling;
    • refresh() API call – triggers view redraw after modifying layout or calls like addCondition(), setFormat() or setOptions();
    • addDataArray(), addDataRecord(), addDimension(), addHierarchy(), addMeasure() – provides tools for creating or modifying the existing data structure;
    • collapseData() and expandData() – collapses or expands all nodes for the given hierarchy;

Our team has also worked out new file structure for trial packages. When unpacked, your package contains the following files and folders:
index.html – click this file to launch the demo gallery with Pivot Table & Charts component.

  • assets – general folder for images and styles, used by demo gallery
  • source – folder with specific demo sources

The source folder is furher split into specific demo showcases, e.g. “01 toolbar demo” or “06 member sort demo”. Look inside the folder to locate its demo contents, which you can use in your project.

For simple upgrade, just copy any of the demo subfolders’ flexmonster folder, which contains the Pivot Table & Charts component itself and all the related files it needs. For example, you can copy the component from the very first demo, i.e. the folder you’d need is – “ADVANCED\source\01 toolbar demo\js\flexmonster”.

Don’t forget to spread word and let us know your feedback on new release –