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What’s New in Pivot Table v1.7. Updated Filter, Layout Editor and Calculated Values UI

PLEASE NOTE: Since we update Flexmonster Pivot with new features biweekly, the information might become outdated. Please check our latest news.

In our previous blog post we have written about a number of improvements for Flexmonster Pivot Table and Charts component. It is time to look closer at them. A new version contains totally remastered user interface including all dialog and editor windows which as fast and more robust to use for end user.

Dimensions Filter

The pivot table filter has been totally redesigned for ultimate response time with big data load and high number of items. It is currently capable of fast operation with over 100k records, allowing just split second response time on operations of ascending or descending sort, Top or Bottom N records filtering or a quick search.

Pivot Dimensions Filter

Layout Editor

The editor is now fully built in, can be called in from API, fast to load and shows both available dimensions, hierarchies and values in one list. Beside basic drag and drop into rows, columns or values, all dimensions and values can be now rearranged with the same technique. A field can also be removed from report by dragging it out of the rows, columns, filter or values and dropping it back into the list. The values support the following aggregations: Sum, Count, Distinct Count, Average, Product, Min, Max, Percent, Percent of Column and Index.

Pivot Layout Editor

Calculated Value Editor

Additional measures can be added into pivot table report by clicking “Add calculated value” link on the bottom of available Field List while in Layout Editor. A name can be chosen for new value and available existing values can be composed in formula editor with just drag and drop. The Calculated Value Editor also features more complex functions including logic operators and functions.

Pivot Calculated Value Editor