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What’s New in Spring’13 Release v1.8: Grid Improvements

PLEASE NOTE: Since we update Flexmonster Pivot with new features biweekly, the information might become outdated. Please check our latest news.

Improvement of our product is something we’re constantly working on. Our team is proud to release the newest 1.8 version of Flexmonster Pivot & Charts. Following our customers’ wishes and world pivoting trends we have implemented several important grid features.

1. Fast rendering

Grid rendering speed significantly increased. Primarily this became possible as we have “lightened” rendering for those devices that are not very powerful including mobile devices. At present our grid renders less than 100 ms at any desktop. That is why we consider our grid the fastest web-grid ever.


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2. Live scrolling

Fast rendering enabled live scrolling. In our previous 1.7 version it was almost impossible to predict to what row or column you are going to get while scrolling. Live scrolling makes you able to access any cell you want just as quick as you can scroll. Moreover from now on you can always estimate what row and column you are going to get to.

3. Word wrapping

In the previous Flexmonster pivot versions there was an inconvenience related to long strings. When the string was too long the cell used to automatically expand to the length of string. If you tried to make the cell narrower, the string was hidden behind the nearby cell. Starting from the version 1.8 and above we implemented word wrapping. This feature makes it possible to change the width of cells so that you can see the whole string fitted within one cell.

Feel free to download the newest Flexmonster 1.8 version here.