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What’s New in Spring’13 Release v1.8: Improved User Experience

PLEASE NOTE: Since we update Flexmonster Pivot with new features biweekly, the information might become outdated. Please check our latest news.

We at Flexmonster are convinced that outstanding user experience is no less important than exciting product features. That is why we have made our newest 1.8 version more user-friendly. We have added a number of small features that altogether raise Flexmonster user experience to the new level in terms of usability.

Keyboard control

a) Keyboard navigation. Use keyboard arrows to move up-down and left-right throughout the grid;

b) Keyboard selection. Enabled the standard keyboard selection methods. Press Shift and use the keyboard arrows to select the necessary area moving from cell to cell;

c) Ctrl+ combinations. Use the standard Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V keyboard combinations to copy cells from pivot and paste them into local table. To select all the cells you can use the familiar Ctrl+A combination;

d) Filter cell expand by space key. Move to the filter cell using the keyboard arrows. Now press Space to expand the filter. Press Escape to collapse the filter.

e) Expandable cell expand/collapse. Move to the expandable cell using the keyboard arrows. Now press Space to expand/collapse data.

Multiline and resize improvements

We have implemented multiline property which made possible word wrapping. This feature was described in one of our previous blogposts. Moreover we have made visible the new size of column / row while you drag the border to resize it. You can see the dotted line that shows the future border of the column or row:

Styled Pivot Table

Expand / Collapse when clicking on any place of cell

Trying to expand / collapse levels of data in report you do not need to move mouse to the small plus any more. Feel free to click anywhere on the cell.

Selection maintain

You may have faced with an inconvenience when the selection disappeared just as it got into the screen zone which is invisible. In our newest version selected cell stays such even when you scroll far from it.

Filtering: Group select / deselect, Select All Results

We’ve also modified a couple of filtering features. You might need to select several members that you have searched in the filter control. First click the Select All checkbox to deselect all members in filter. Search for necessary members in the filter control. Select as many members as you want by tipping corresponding checkboxes. Tip the Select All Results checkbox to select all the searched members. Please see the how-to video to see that filtering by the necessary dimension is simple and easy.

Feel free to download the newest Flexmonster 1.8 version here.