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Flexmonster Pivot Table Component and Mondrian – an Alternative to JPivot

PLEASE NOTE: Since we update Flexmonster Pivot with new features biweekly, the information might become outdated. Please check our latest news.

When it comes to cost-effective deployment of BI tool, Pentaho Analysis Services Community Edition (aka Mondrian) is one of the choices, selected by many analytics, developers and business owners. The Mondrian server enables users to load large quantities of data real-time and get insight with complex analytical queries.

A JPivot Pivot Table

Mondrian uses XMLA to give out data on front-end, and a multiple online solutions are currently available on the market. Since Flexmonster Pivot component supports XMLA as well, it is one of the best alternatives available to create online reports from Mondrian.

However, the default front-end to Mondrian OLAP server is JPivot, since the whole Mondrian deploys on Java-based technology as well. Originally, JPivot is a custom tag library for JSP that is capable of rendering an OLAP cube table. Users can then perform basic OLAP navigation like slice, drill-down and roll-up. Technically, JPivot supports XMLA protocol to access the data from Mondrian.

Despite JPivot is based on plain HTML which is a good compatibility point, the interface looks outdated if you are going to present it to end-users. Good for enterprise, but not as sharp as required for today’s UX trends. The other issue is performance which may take minutes to expand just one slice of data. Although Mondrian and JPivot work out good to cache the most wanted data, it’s still far from smooth operation as today’s big data trends require.

During development of XMLA and Mondrian connectivity of Flexmonster Pivot component, both of the mentioned issues were taken into consideration. Now, the Flexmonster Pivot supports up to 1M of OLAP facts and more, which is practically limited by your end-user computer performance. On the contrary to JPivot, Flexmonster Pivot does not require to reload page when user clicks table to drill-down the table – once you make a click, the data will be rendered within an instance, without any necessity to wait.

The concept of Flexmonster Pivot allows integrators to create rich online reports, tailored to the needs of the end-users – from simple everyday reports with charts, to complex grid/chart tables with complete enterprise-level functionality like calculated fields or conditional formatting of measures.

Still having troubles with JPivot? Try out Flexmonster Pivot now with Mondrian right from our demo page and check out earlier post on getting Pivot connected to XMLA data source.