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Showcase Flexmonster & Proconcept

Case study: ProConcept in cooperation with Flexmonster

With over 30 years of experience in top-quality ERP software development, ProConcept is a recognized leader in the Switzerland market. More than 15,000 users use ProConcept solutions daily to coordinate their businesses on all levels and make their companies perform efficiently.

ProConcept is best known for making innovative ERP systems that serve the needs of Switzerland companies from the industrial, sales, and service sectors. Each implemented system adjusts to the core needs of a particular organization. 

Company profile

Company nameProConcept

Founded: in 1987 by the Swiss entrepreneurs

Country: Switzerland

Industry: Electronics, Machine tools, MedTech, Pharmaceuticals, Project-based Manufacturing, Services, Watch & Jewelry Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution, etc.

Products: ProConcept Finance & Payroll, ProConcept Production, ProConcept Projects, ProConcept Institutions

Challenges faced by ProConcept

Back in 1996, the ProConcept software was initially written in Delphi and ran on Windows. 

In 2011, the ProConcept team decided to develop a web-client server that would have functionality identical to the desktop version:

We needed a web component to replace our DevExpress pivot table desktop component. We looked for a similar component that implements mainly all the functionalities we use.

Nathanaël Schmied, the head of R&D at ProConcept

The functionality provided by Flexmonster matched the ProConcept requirements. Today we are proud to share with you the results of our ongoing cooperation that started in 2013.

ProConcept in cooperation with Flexmonster

To precisely meet the needs of the ProConcept development team, we made every effort to help them integrate Flexmonster into their brand-new tech stack and show all the reporting features their end-users can reap benefits of.

Now Flexmonster comes as a standard pivot table solution within all the corporate ERP systems delivered by ProConcept. It assists the customers in teasing out answers to complex questions by performing day-to-day activities such as in-depth analysis of financial budgets and costs, logistic sales, purchases, and turnover rates.

Each system user can create their pivot reports based on the custom SQL and tailor them to their individual needs. Here is the list of Flexmonster’s most used features:

  • Layout save&restore
  • Excel export
  • User customizable fields organization
  • Cell customization in order to integrate links

We are delighted to have coped with the requirements set by ProConcept and delivered an analytical solution that greatly complements their web-based BI module. Working closely and receiving continuous feedback were key aspects for making the cooperation between Flexmonster and ProConcept teams successful. We do hope it will last for many more years. 

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