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Flexmonster Integration with AMCharts

Flexmonster Pivot with amCharts: a new connector for a smooth integration

The best way to understand large data quantities is to visualize them. Luckily, we have a lot of instruments to do that.

Flexmonster Pivot helps to represent your data grouped in a stylish grid with all the aggregations, sorting, and filtering that has been done before. It also has pivot charts to display this data even more clearly or visually highlight the core.

In Flexmonster, we understand that the more charts you have, the better your report is. So we made it possible to integrate our pivot with any graphs you want. For the most popular of them, we made it even simpler by developing special connectors.

Meet our newest wrapper for amCharts

This library is picking up traction, and we couldn't stay apart.

amCharts is a set of JavaScript charting libraries where you can find the classic charts like bar, line, column, etc., as well as more specific ones like funnels, Gantt, chord, maps, etc. Thus, we recommend you check all the varieties, choose those that fit you most, and combine our powerful pivot with amCharts.

This library caught our attention because of the approach they use for data visualization. 

The way they add something new to the well-known chart types, and at the same time, create totally new charts is impressive.

Report with Flexmonster Pivot & amCharts

The best thing about our Pivot is that it not only shows the data in a modern grid but also manages it, allowing on-the-fly interaction. It gives you a much better understanding of which data is worth visualizing and an idea of how to represent it in the charts. Our special connector preprocesses the data into the array of objects format. So you can choose any chart type with this data format and use it for your web report. 

As a result, you will get a forward-looking report with a smart grid and stylish charts. Besides, both are responsive.

Pivot Table with amCharts

How to get started with Flexmonster Pivot Table and amCharts 

And here the best part comes.

We will guide you through the step-by-step tutorials on integrating amCharts with Flexmonster and getting your first report. There you will also find information on how to prepare data for transferring to charts and much more. 

Just follow the steps we provide you within our detailed documentation. And don’t forget to ask our Tech team if any other help is needed.

Still not sure if to start or not? Well, you just need to check the demo.

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