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NEW! Flexmonster 2.3 Release: Extended Opportunities for Your Reporting

PLEASE NOTE: Since we update Flexmonster Pivot with new features biweekly, the information might become outdated. Please check our latest news.

Flexmonster 2.3 release

Get ready to download the new version! Yes, Flexmonster 2.3 is released.

The new features that will help any integrator to use our сomponent even easier in their applications, better interface and possibilities for end-users to extend their reporting greatly – all this and more you will find in the new release.

This year was really busy. First of all, we were improving and supplementing the current version of the component based on clients’ requests. Secondly, our developers were working on totally new features for 2.3 version. Finally, I think you’ve noticed some new updates in website style and terms of licensing.

Thus, you are welcome to check all new updates and we hope you will enjoy the result.


The main features of the NEW 2.3 version:

  • The integration with 3rd party charting libraries

The new 2.3 release greatly extends users’ possibilities and allows to visualize more complex data from our Pivot with many 3rd Party Visualization tools. From now on you can easily integrate them with our component using detailed samples for any of 3rd party charting libraries that you may want to use. We prepared the connectors for the most popular charting libraries such as Highcharts, Google Charts, FusionCharts.


See the details


  • Better compatibility with popular JS frameworks

With new release you can seamlessly integrate our Pivot with popular frameworks using only a few defined lines of code.

We will fully support you with wrappers and great detailed tutorials to natively use the Component with JavaScript or TypeScript and integrate with client side frameworks such as jQuery, AngularJS, React, RequireJS as good as with the server side like ASP.NET, Java JSP and others.

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  • Improved UI controls for mobile applications

We significantly improved the mobile navigation of the Component and made it handy to use. The new touch friendly Toolbar controls, the extended panels for Field List, Filter, Calculated Values – all these enhancements will significantly expand the end-user experience with mobile reporting and will make the navigation easier and more user friendly.

See new mobile design



Now you can easily choose the edition based on your data source. These changes were made only to help our clients to choose editions faster and to provide them with the information according to their interests. Please check out the new editions.

Also, be welcome to use our new website, now it became easier to navigate and you can review and follow our latest news on mobile devices.