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NEW 2.8 Release: check out all new features

PLEASE NOTE: Since we update Flexmonster Pivot with new features biweekly, the information might become outdated. Please check our latest news.

2.8 version is released. We are thrilled to show you all the new updates we worked on.

This major release is bringing more comfort and accessibility to diverse tech stacks. Meet the new connection approach for different data sources; at hand integrations with A-list frameworks and all-new ways to match new programming languages.

Classically, we’ve prepared detailed blog posts and complete documentation for each feature to put you in the picture. All of them are gathered in this article for you with a brief cross-check of all the new updates.

Let’s leap in!

☝️ Totally new connection approach to SQL & NoSQL databases

Flexmonster custom data source API

This is the key feature of 2.8 release that radically сhanges the way Flexmonster Pivot can communicate with data sources. It means you can send data to the web pivot table component literally from any data source and do it more efficiently than before. 

The API we designed lets you configure server-side data processing and pre-aggregated data delivery to the pivot table. Flexmonster sends requests to the API endpoints and visualizes the data on the pivot grid after receiving the responses from the server.

Since all the data manipulation is done on your server, you can work with a data source of any size and be not restricted by the browser resources.

Read more on how it could be applied to your cases.

New MongoDB connector

Based on the custom data source API mentioned earlier, we released the special connector for MongoDB

To try it, you can run a project sample on the server or install the connector directly from npm.  What is more, the source code is open, and you can always extend it by making any changes that your business logic needs. 

It’s bound to be the new feasible way to work with the MongoDB database. It takes advantage of its powerful features and allows you to reach efficient data processing on the server side.

Find all about how the MongoDB connector works and all the possibilities to use it.

New mapping

Тhe new mapping approach allows defining how the fields are represented and structured inside the component. The mapping is set in the report configuration that notably simplifies fields’ customization for the client side. This feature is meant to cleanly separate the data source and its representation. It’s a good shot for all who use CSV data sources as it supports new properties for them.

This feature is going to be extended in future releases. As for now, you can find out how it can be used looking through our docs section.

☝️ Full compatibility with famed frameworks

Integration with Vue.js

Introducing you such a long-awaited ready-to-use wrapper for smooth integration with the Vue.js framework. You are now packed with all the needed samples and detailed documentation to feel confident about using Flexmonster in your Vue project. Following some simple steps, you will effortlessly empower your application written in Vue with a high-rocket reporting functionality.

We gathered all the needed information about the integration specifics.

Integration with React Native

We added one more framework integration in 2.8. Being the most popular framework for cross-platform mobile development it couldn’t be overlooked. Now you can try our React Native library and enjoy seamless reporting experience everywhere – in an iOS, Android or web app.

Follow the guide to get started with Flexmonster and React Native.

☝️ Becoming closer to the data science community: the pivot table for new languages

Pivot table for Python & R

From now on, Flexmonster Pivot can be embedded in Python-based applications. In short, this is a new opportunity for all who prefer to work with the Django framework or Jupyter Notebook to endow reports with the rich-featured pivot library.

We also didn’t spare all the R developers. Our pivot table will be available for R-powered web applications with Shiny.

Check out all the supporting information for them:

One of Flexmonster’s ultimate goals is to bring an excellent experience with the component right from the start. Today we are showing our results with a strong belief that all of them will be handy for each of you.

We continue to work on lots of improvements, so stay tuned not to miss something.

Don’t forget to try out the new version!