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Troubleshooting OLAP/XMLA Connectivity

PLEASE NOTE: Since we update Flexmonster Pivot with new features biweekly, the information might become outdated. Please check our latest news.

Today we will talk about common troubles when you try to connect to OLAP cube with Pivot Table & Charts component. Feel free also to use our SQL Analysis Services Diagnostics Tool to verify the connectivity.

I get a “Invalid datasource or catalog.” error.

Please check back on the Catalog and Cube fields as one of them may be leading to the non-existing resource.

I get a “Error #2032” error.

You have to verify your XMLA-enabled OLAP cube server is up and responds fine. The easiest way is to first verify the server is available by http, so you may open the direct URL up in the browser:

  • For Pentaho Analysis Services (Mondrian) –
  • For Microsoft SQL Analysis Services –

Please note that your bindings may vary so check carefully. If the URL try gives a fail, you might need to configure server to accept XMLA connections. The following links might be useful:

My browser tells there’s a permission problem connecting to OLAP data source.

If you run the Pivot table component from your local drive we advise copying it to any web server where it will be accessible via http://-like URL. Running Flash applications locally often requires additional permissions.

Ideally, put crossdomain.xml file into the root of your web server when XMLA is configured. This will allow Flash applications to access and read OLAP data cube data. We advise copying the sample content of such file from here –

I get permissions error from my OLAP server.

The best way is to ensure your data source has “For everyone” permissions. In case of Microsoft OLAP – go to Management Studio, and connect to your Analysis Services. Open the Database you want to connect, then go to Roles and create a new Role with “full control” and add “Everyone” to members of this role.