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Keep using Flash or Flex version?- We have options for you!

PLEASE NOTE: Since we update Flexmonster Pivot with new features biweekly, the information might become outdated. Please check our latest news.

Flexmonster to Stop Releasing Flash Version

In May 2015 we announced about terminating the development of Flash and Flex versions of the Component in future releases. Due to the market tendencies we took the strong decision to completely focus on the development of HTML5 version only. And we need to stress out that the current 2.2 release is the last one that includes Flash and Flex versions.

Yes, we are on the threshold of some big changes in our Pivot component offer, still, you shouldn’t worried.

What are Flexmonster Flash and Flex versions and why we stop releasing it?

Almost two years ago we released a new HTML5 version of Flexmonster Component in addition to Flash and Flex versions and continued applying development efforts to all three versions, thus simultaneously enhancing them all. However, it’s no news that every day Flash is becoming less popular among users while HTML5 is already widely spread on the majority of modern devices and continues to evolve. That is why, considering the latest trends, we decided to focus completely on HTML5 technology and offer the best reporting component for web and mobile devices.

What happens if I continue to use Flash or Flex version of the Component?

For all who stay with our Flex or Flash versions of the Component we will continue to provide support services: bug fixing, technical consultations and so on. We guarantee our maintenance on Flash/Flex for you as long as you need to support your business. Despite the fact there will be no possibility for upgrade to the brand new version of Pivot Component for Flash/Flex platforms, in some special cases our support team is open to customization.

What options I have if I decide to improve my Flash/Flex version of the Component?

1. If you need to secure your investments and want to be able to enhance Flex/Flash version with additional features you have an option to purchase Flex or Flash Source Code License at affordable price.

With the Source Code you are able to:

  • be reassured that the Component is in your use forever by taking control over the functionality and safety of the Component;
  • give your business flexibility – customize the component independently to match your needs;
  • deploy unlimited number of licenses.

2. Moreover, you can always upgrade your Flash/Flex version of Flexmonster Pivot Table Component to HTML5 version.

We stay really concerned about you working profitably with Flex or Flash, as these are great technologies that became a part of our successful projects and we are always here for you to find the best option for your project.

Please feel free to contact our support team to discuss your needs and preferred way to proceed.