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  • The FlexmonsterReact.Pivot component

    The FlexmonsterReact.Pivot component embeds Flexmonster into a React application.

    The simplest component usage

    To add an empty pivot table, specify the <FlexmonsterReact.Pivot> tag without any props:


    Learn more about integrations with React:

    Available props

    All the FlexmonsterReact.Pivot props are equivalent to the parameters of the new Flexmonster() API call. Check out the full list of available props.

    Note that FlexmonsterReact.Pivot supports only Flexmonster-specific props. Any other props are not supported, including id, className, or style.

    Passing props to FlexmonsterReact.Pivot

    Props can be passed as hardcoded values or as variables:

    Hardcoded value

    To pass a prop as a hardcoded value, enclose the value in single or double quotes:


    In this example, the prop value is a string, but number and boolean values can be passed similarly (see an example).

    You can also pass objects and functions using curly braces (see an example).


    To pass a prop as a variable, enclose the variable in curly braces:



    The following example demonstrates how different FlexmonsterReact.Pivot props can be specified:

      beforetoolbarcreated={toolbar => {
        toolbar.showShareReportTab = true;
        url: ""

    Note Here is the full list of available props.

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