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  • The <fm-pivot> directive

    The <fm-pivot> directive embeds Flexmonster into an Angular application.

    The simplest directive usage

    To add an empty pivot table, specify the <fm-pivot> directive without any attributes:


    Learn more about integration with Angular.

    Available attributes

    All the <fm-pivot> attributes are equivalent to the parameters of the new Flexmonster() API call. Check out the full list of available attributes.

    In addition to Flexmonster-specific attributes, you can also set standard HTML attributes (e.g., id, class, and style).

    Setting the <fm-pivot> attributes

    Attribute names must be surrounded by square brackets:


    Note To subscribe to events via the attributes, specify the event names in parentheses. Learn more about subscribing to Flexmonster events via the <fm-pivot> attributes.

    Attribute values must be surrounded by double quotes, as in the example above.

    The values can have any type, including an Angular variable available in the current scope. String values must be surrounded by single quotes within double quotes:



    The following example demonstrates how different <fm-pivot> attributes can be specified:


    Note Here is the full list of available attributes.

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