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May 2021 (v. 2.9.0)

NEW Data Server Flexmonster Admin Panel – a graphical user interface for Flexmonster Data Server – was introduced (read docs).

NEW Data Server Flexmonster Data Server is now available as a Windows/Unix service (read docs).

NEW accessibility Major accessibility improvements were introduced (read the blog post).

NEW Now it is possible to share a report using Flexmonster Data Server (read docs).

NEW MongoDB Connector Performance of the MongoDB Connector was significantly improved (read the blog post).

NEW MongoDB Connector It is now possible to configure caching and logging for the MongoDB Connector (read docs).

NEW MongoDB Connector Multilevel hierarchies are now supported for MongoDB (read docs).

NEW New framework integrations were added:

NEW The following async API calls were introduced:

NEW mapping An ability to create several fields from one field when using a JSON or CSV data source was added (read docs).

NEW mapping The following intervals were added to the mapping.interval property:

  • y for one year.
  • q for one quarter.
  • M for one month.
  • w for one week.

NEW mapping The mapping.visible property is now supported for JSON.