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High performance pivot table

Load more than 1GB of data. Flexmonster is totally up for this

The more data you have - the more insights you can get.

Now Flexmonster allows you to load and visualize truly massive datasets with the help of a new server-side part specially developed for our pivot table.

It’s always challenging to load large data showing it on a client, as the browser has its limits. 

We took this challenge and provided you with a special server-side tool - Flexmonster Data Server that operates an important part of pivot table's work on your server.

Based on the custom data source API feature, this tool fetches the data from the data source, processes it, and aggregates it directly on your server. Then, Flexmonster Pivot gets the required data in a ready-to-show format without making a user wait for all this tiring loading process. 

What's important - the Data Server doesn’t load redundant data. It works only with the data that the client requests for a current report

Moreover, the data is sent in a series of chunks and the results of data processing are cached - all this makes it work with a vast amount of data without a hitch.

For you this means:

  • You load 1GB & more of your data from any data source hassle-free.
  • The time of data loading is significantly reduced.
  • The browsers’ memory is used wisely.
  • You get a convenient way to connect to any database (with the help of prepared connectors we have or your custom ones)
  • Your users easily engage with the report based on large data samples.

The Data Server with Flexmoster Pivot is best for:

✔️ Large static JSON and CSV files that you can load completely to the Data Server and do all the data manipulations there.

✔️ Databases to work with selected data only.

☝️ To ease the task for database connection, the Data Server contains connectors for different data sources such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, JSON & CSV files.

AND you can always extend this list with your custom data source.

More bonuses Flexmonster Data Server gives you:

  • Role-based permissions and other built-in security configurations.
  • Server-side data pre-filtering to speed up the queries’ performance.
  • No limitations on the operating system choice, whether it’s Windows, Ubuntu/Linux, or macOS. 
  • & more, so go to all the details.
Flexmonster Data Server

We’ve done this solution for ad-hoc analysis of high-volume data and we truly hope you'll find it helpful in your work.

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