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New Flexmonster release 2.9

Flexmonster 2.9: meet our new summer release features

We are so happy to announce the version 2.9 release of Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts Component! This release is very diverse, but there is something that will appeal to all our users - the performance speed of Flexmonster has become even better! Compared to the previous version, we perform up to 3 times as fast!

So let us give you a small overview of all the new things you will be able to use this summer with version 2.9:

  • Flexmonster Admin Panel
  • Advanced MongoDB connector
  • New framework integrations 
  • Accessibility support
  • Share report feature

Flexmonster Admin Panel

In order to facilitate the work with Flexmonster Data Server, we have created a cross-platform desktop application - Flexmonster Admin Panel. Its purpose is to provide an intuitive graphical interface for convenient work with the server. 

With the Admin Panel, you can:

  • add, delete and refresh indexes;
  • manage security and configure users;
  • edit Data Server configurations;
  • check logs and memory usage.

With the Admin Panel, you are able to configure and run the server or quickly apply all the necessary changes.

💡 More about Flexmonster Admin Panel.

Advanced MongoDB connector

MongoDB integration was also available in previous releases, but now we can present an improved connector version. An optimized approach and several new features of the advanced connector allow you to customize your work with the database specifically for your case and perform all queries 3 times faster. Now you can:

  • monitor the connector work via logs;
  • enable or disable the cache;
  • manage the amount in memory and cache time to live.

💡 More MongoDB connector updates.

New framework integration

Now when starting the work on your project, you have an even wider choice of the tools to fit your needs. Two more newcomers have been added to the list of our framework integrations:

  • Ionic - a framework for hybrid mobile applications;
  • Electron.js -  a framework for cross-platform desktop applications.

By adding these wrappers, we hope to expand its usability and make the process of introducing the component into your project even easier and faster.

💡 Pivot table for Ionic.

💡 Pivot table for Elecrion.js.

Accessibility support

In this release, we have emphasized on the component's accessibility to make our pivot table easy to use for everyone. We covered the most common and important scenarios and conformed to all web accessibility standards. Among other updates, we have taken care of:

  • optimized keyboard navigation through UI;
  • correct screen readers work;
  • and an accessible high-contrast theme.

Such changes should make your projects more inclusive and user-friendly.

💡 All accessibility features.

Shared report feature 

To make Flexmonster even friendlier for teamwork, we've added a new option to share a report.

Now you can configure your report through the UI and use the button on the Toolbar to create a link to your report. It is enough to insert this link into the browser’s address bar, and your colleague will get access to your interactive report without losing presettings. This way, you give them the chance to independently examine the data and look at it from different angles.

With all the updates and new fixes, we hope to improve your Flexmonster experience and give even more reasons to try it out.

Now it's time to test drive all the features mentioned above! Also, we would love to hear feedback from you so please share your thoughts.

If you already use the previous versions of pivot - check our migration guide. And if you haven't tried our pivot yet, it's just the right time to give it a try!

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