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Flexmonster Admin Panel

Flexmonster Admin Panel: take control of your data

Since version 2.8 our customers can benefit from using our server-side tool for working with large data volumes - Flexmonster Data Server.

Initially, it was possible to configure the Data Server via configuration files, which is a preferred way for many developers. In this release, we are introducing a new way of working with the Data Server as a Windows / Unix service and providing a new GUI tool to manage and configure it -
Flexmonster Admin Panel.

Flexmonster Admin Panel Overview

Flexmonster Admin Panel is a cross-platform desktop application that allows you to manage indexes, security, and other configuration options via a convenient and user-friendly interface. Now you can run, stop or restart the Data Server and see its status - all in a single tool.

With the new Admin Panel, it's much easier to configure Flexmonster Data Server.

 Let’s briefly go over the key features of the Flexmonster Admin Panel:

Manage data indexes

With the Admin Panel, you can add, refresh, disable, enable, or delete indexes. That’s a comfy way to connect to your data source and control the data you define for your report.  For each index, you can check a set of configuration options that can be specified or changed, like a data file path, a connection string, etc.

Edit server configuration

In the Settings tab, you can set different configuration options for Flexmonster Data Server, including CORS, HTTPS, cache limits, and log levels.

Let’s dwell in more detail on the report sharing settings. This feature allows you to define the folder where the configured reports will be saved, set the data size for the folder, and change the report expiration time.

Manage users

The Security settings allow you to manage users for basic authorization. You can view the list of all users, register new and edit or delete existing profiles.

Monitor memory in use and server logs

Now you can keep track of how Flexmonster Data Server memory is used. You can examine the allocated memory status. Moreover, you can monitor all requests to indexes initiated during the current Data Server session with additional information: requestor’s IP, request duration, etc.

Or, you can review the recent Data Server logs. 

We hope this brief overview gives you an overall picture of how handy the Flexmonster Admin Panel is.
Look through details about all the Admin Panel functionality.

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