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Flexmonster Version 2.9 is coming soon. What to expect?

PLEASE NOTE: Since we update Flexmonster Pivot with new features biweekly, the information might become outdated. Please check our latest news.

We are well on the way towards our roadmap plan: most of our features have already been presented in biweekly minor updates. We hope you had time to test them actively. 

Anyway, we want to point out all the features we are planning to gather in the upcoming version 2.9:

FDS Admin Panel

In the 2.9 release, we focus on improving Flexmonster Data Server – our unique server-side tool for boosting large datasets processing performance. In this new version, we’re providing you with the admin panel for the Data Server. This application allows you to get full control of data management and security essentials via the intuitive interface. 

With the brand-new FDS Admin Panel, you can: 

  • Manage data indexes: you can add, refresh, disable, and delete them
  • Edit server configs, for instance, add HTTPS certificates
  • Monitor memory in use and server logs
  • Add or remove users

Advanced MongoDB connector

We will elevate the connector previously released in 2.8. More optimized data queries and data cache will improve the connector usability vastly and make users’ reporting process even more enjoyable.

New framework integrations 

We continue extending the list of wrappers we have for different frameworks to make a straightforward integration with them. This time our choice fell on Ionic and Electron.js. We hope these wrappers will enlarge technologies’ choice to use our pivot, either mobile or desktop.

Accessibility support

In this release, we’re committed to cover the key features to make Flexmonster Pivot available for everyone. The plan includes:

  • Аccessible contrast theme: sufficient contrast between the text and background
  • Keyboard navigation through the UI elements
  • Accessible drag-n-drop feature
  • Screen readers compatibility

All these features will come with many other product improvements, but here we’ve highlighted the most important ones.

Follow our news! The new version will be available soon.