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Overview of Pivot Table Components for OLAP

PLEASE NOTE: Since we update Flexmonster Pivot with new features biweekly, the information might become outdated. Please check our latest news.

Pivot table for Olap

A pivot table is a popular feature many can find in Microsoft Excel and use to interactively analyze the large mass of facts. The robustness of this analysis type allows many to extract trends and patterns that are located inside the data.

The pivot table allows you to organize and summarize this information, focus only on the most relevant data and extract the most meaningful business analysis facts.

As the office software moved into the cloud with Google Docs and similar applications, a global necessity of web applications that are capable to analyze OLAP cubes has risen.

Our team has prepared our own short list on other available OLAP Data Mining and cross-tab reporting tools available currently on the market.

OLAP Data Grid Visualizing Components

  • Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts – full featured JS Pivot Table component fitted with own pivot charts. Simply connects to OLAP cubes via special server-side utility developed by our team and provides really fast data visualization.
  • ASPxPivotGridan ASP.NET AJAX component from Devexpress for visualizing and charting OLAP data.
  • DevExtreme Pivot Grid – also developed by Devexpress but HTML5 component for OLAP Data Mining, Cross-tab reporting with compact and summarized visual reports and charts.
  • xamPivotGrid – a WPF OLAP pivot grid component from Infragistics that works with multidimensional data (MDX) from cubes, data warehouses, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services.
  • Ranet OLAP – an HTML / WPF / Silverlight based OLAP grid control written specifically for SQL Server Analysis Services.
  • ComponentOne OLAP – a WPF based component that provides analytical processing with Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables feel and Pivot Charts with the ability for drag-and-drop of views. Another tool that is also offered by GrapeCity but among a bundle of JavaScript controls is Wijmo Olap Pivot.

Complete Solutions for OLAP Web Applications

  • Power BI – is the most complex solution to analyze SSAS cubes with a huge variety of analytical functions.
    • Kyubit BI – a web-based tool, good for more advanced dashboard visualization and OLAP data analysis.


    Surely this selection is just a short list but to our opinion, all worthy tools for OLAP are mentioned. Now you can evaluate and compare them to choose the better fit for your project.

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