Overview of Pivot Table Components for OLAP

PLEASE NOTE: As soon as we update the Component with new features every new week the information might be outdated, please check our latest news.

Pivot table is a popular feature many can find in Microsoft Excel and use to analyze interactively large mass of facts. The robustness of this analysis type allows many to extract trends and patterns that are located inside the data. Pivot table allows you to organize and summarize this information, focus only on the most relevant data and extract the most meaningful business analysis facts.

As the office software moved into cloud with Google Docs and similar applications, a global necessity of web applications that are capable to analyse OLAP cubes has risen. Our team has prepared our own short list on other available OLAP Data Mining and cross-tab reporting tools available currently on the market.

OLAP Data Grid Visualizing Components

  • Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts – Full featured Pivot component developed by our team – we highly recommend it.
  • ASPxPivotGrid – An ASP.NET AJAX component for visulizing and charting OLAP data.
  • XCelsius (aka Crystal Dashboard) – a Flex-based component for SAP Business Objects reporting and visualization.
  • xamPivotGrid – a Silverlight OLAP pivot grid component from Infragistics that works with multidimensional data (MDX) from cubes, data warehouses, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services.
  • viblend DataGrid Control – another Silverlight OLAP grid component with traditional data grid controls, hierarchical grids and Excel-like pivot tables.
  • Ranet OLAP – an open-source Silverlight based OLAP grid control written specifically for SQL Server Analysis Services.
  • DXPivotGrid – a WPF component for OLAP Data Mining, Cross-tab reporting with compact and summarized visual reports and charts.
  • ComponentOne OLAP – a Silverlight based component from ComponentOne that provides analytical processing with Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables feel and Pivot Charts with ability for drag-and-drop of views.
  • Essential BI Grid – a Silverlight component, which is part of the full BI package that able to summarize, analyze, explore, and present summaries for critical data in your enterprise and make informed decisions. Data source support ranges from SQL Server Analysis Services to any XMLA-compatible OLAP databases like Mondrian.
  • PNN Pivot Table Light – a lightweight DHTML code for rendering pivot tables. Allows drag-n-drop and drill up/down operations in browser over the table.

Complete Solutions for OLAP Web Applications

  • JIDE Pivot Grid – a Java/Swing implementation of the famous PivotTable feature as you can find in Microsoft Office Excel as well as many other analytic and OLAP applications.
  • AJAX OLAP Browser – Dundas offers an AJAX-based OLAP browser (charts and grid) as part of the greater dashboard visualization data application.

In the next posts we will compare Flexmonster’s Pivot Table and Charts component versus most popular offerings on the market. Stay tuned!